South Haven Participates In The Olympics

Without traveling to Sochi, South Haven residents and staff participated in the Winter Olympics.

Several residents took on the challenge of Kings on the Corner, a popular card game. Winners were Dorothy Ballou – Gold, Stella Skibinski – Silver, Lorraine Firley – Bronze.

Cheese Curling took on new meaning as teams of residents and employees tossed cheese curls towards the whipped cream on the heads of their partners. Those with the most “caught” cheese curls won. Winners of the Cheese CurlingwereGladyce Nielson & Tam Svara – Gold, Lorraine Firley & Stella Skibinski – Silver
Marie Wiedel & Tiffani Subbert – Bronze.

Residents also tried their luck at the Penny Toss. Penny Toss medal winners wereStella Skibinski – Gold, Lillian Ludvik – Silver, Lorraine Firley – Bronze.

Ice Fishing also proved a challenge as fishers tried to catch the largest fish to earn the most points in a pond with floating ice chunks. Ice Fishing winners were Lillian Ludvik – Gold, Gayle Sorenson – Silver, Pat Truax – Bronze.

Winning Ladder Ball medals were Gayle Sorenson – Gold, Lorraine Osmera – Silver, Marie Bohaty – Bronze.

Congratulations to the South Haven Teams!

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