Chili Cook-Off Held At South Haven

From the Husker Red and White Chili (Reliance) to the Venal Fiesto Chili (Alden) the smells of simmering chili filled the halls of South Haven. Good ol’ Nobody’s Chili (Lakemont) and Medley Chili (Sheridan) added to the wonderful aromas of 2014 Chili Cook-Off at South Haven.

Residents and staff chose the special recipe for their neighborhood, then worked together to prepare the ingredients.

Judges were Glenna Meissner and Linda Little, resident’s daughters, Father Townsend and DON Jackie Anderson.

Each Value – Serving, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence – could be found throughout this fun event.

The judges awarded the Reliance Neighborhood’s the championship ribbon for their chili. Congratulations Reliance!

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