Resident Shares Thanksgiving Poem

Many of our residents have special talents that they enjoy sharing with us. South Haven resident Juanita Shanahan is one of those talented people. She shares her writing abilities with family and friends and has done so for many years. She will write poems for holidays and special occasions. Juanita even wrote one for our 10th Anniversary Fall Festival! The following is one she wrote at Thanksgiving and agreed to share it with all of you! Thank you Juanita!

Thanksgiving 2014

I’m very thankful today you see,

To have Friends that are here with me,

They help me each & every day,

To live my life in the best-es way.


They bring us food & make us cheery,

Sometimes they even call us “Deary”,

Thank you God for caring friends

Who constantly my needs attend.


And when to rehab we must go, They push us there or else you know,

“Come on my friend, can’t always sit,

Let’s get right up & walk a bit”.


The cooks who make all our food,

That puts us in a better mood,

Take care of all who aren’t you see,

Near as fortunate as we.


For soft drinks, wine & then there’s beer,

Kleenex that wipe away our tears,

For the sun that shines on us each day,

The moon at that lights our way.


For re-hab people who are groov’en,

From joint to joint they keep us movin

For Management who steer the boat,

Helping keep this ship afloat.


Thanks for the covers on my bed,

The pillow that’s beneath my head

For our Service Personal that fight,

They’re not home in their beds tonight.


For our country & the flag that flies,

Beneath our blue Nebraska sky,

For Mr. Vetter and his wife,

His philosophy – Dignity in Life.


My family means the world to me,

That’s why we have a family tree,

I thank my God, who’s up above,

I have 6 children that I love.


Grandchildren came then we grew,

Now we have Great Grand Children too.

So if you think this poem’s too long,

We all could end it with a song.


God Bless America!



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