Christmas Variety Show Held At South Haven

The Annual Christmas Variety Show began with the Sugar Plum Fairies playing and dancing as they decorated the stage.

The high stepping South Haven Rockets made their debut performance for our residents. Prior to their dancing we were allowed into their dressing room as they prepared for the show. We all learned some new makeup techniques from them.
Mary shared poems that helped us remember the real reason for the season.
Santa and his reindeer sang and danced for us. They were so engrossed in their performance that as they were leaving the stage “Grandma got ran over by the reindeer”! Everyone was alright.

The Silent Monks made a special stop at South Haven for a special presentation for our residents. They continued their long tradition of not speaking as they performed their act. Despite not speaking their performance was quite moving.
After the Variety Show the residents returned to their neighborhoods to open their gifts and enjoy refreshments.

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