The 70’s Were Here Again!

We brought out the crepe paper, psychedelic prints, tie dye and don’t forget the polyester! The 70’s Winter Formal theme kicked off South Haven’s part of Vetter Senior Living 40th Anniversary. Special Guests were Jack and Eldora Vetter. Jack shared some memories and thoughts about the early days of the company. He also looked ahead to see what the possibilities might be in next 40 years in this field. An exciting game of Password was played. Fabulous prizes included an instamatic camera with a 4 way flash and Tupperware with up to the minute colors of avocado and orange! Jell-O Cake and Sherbet punch were among the refreshments served.

DSC02176 DSC02179 DSC02189 DSC02194 DSC02201 DSC02185

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