I feel like this is my second family. I so enjoy being with co-workers and the residents. I have worked here going on 14 years and felt right at home the first time I walked into the building. I absolutely love it and feel blessed to be here.

I feel appreciated for the work I do each day. I’ve made some mistakes, but they never make me feel terrible about them. Employees are treated well, clean place to work, work area is conditioned from the weather.

This is still the best long-term care center in Nebraska to work at. We are the best of all the Vetter facilities !!!!!

Team Members really truly care about residents and their care. Embodiment of the MVV’s is present and contagious. It’s a continuous process of supporting each other and each other’s innovation for better outcomes.

Family serving family. I appreciate working for a company that cares about me as a person and what is important to me.

We have great management, awesome residents, and family members. We also have a beautiful facility.

I have to say Southaven, in the best place to work. It is such an amazing building with great culture and full of integrity.

The staff are wonderful to everyone and anyone who passes through whether an individual is there for rehabilitation or comfort caring even if it is family to the residents. Staff make everyone sooo welcome! Caring is the main one!

Management is extremely welcoming and receptive to concerns. The nurses and very knowledgeable and helpful.

I’ve never worked for a company that goes to the lengths they do to treat people with dignity. We are not just a means to an end we are a family.

South Haven just feels like home! I had interviewed in other places before accepting the position here, and when I got a tour of the facility, I could just see the love the residents were given, and I felt the “homeliness” of the place. I knew that everyone there was happy to be there and passionate about their jobs. Everyone was so welcoming, and it is hard to find that nowadays. This place is unique because of how awesome it is!

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